selfless soil, world alone

by Headstone

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murrr Chaotic, beautiful and musically tight. This album is similar to how lava and magma combine with water to make new landforms. Favorite track: Sovereign Spirit.
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attachment is the root of our suffering. attachment to self, each other, objects, emotions, memories, etc. this is because the freedom we possess in this life to use and reshape the resources of this world exists within the boundaries of duality, meaning that all that is taken will be given back. selflessness is the only path to peace. selfless, we stand as one. selfless, we are eternal.


released July 26, 2017

Recorded by Simon Monette at Tiny Dino Productions on 5/6, 5/7, and 5/13/2017

David Reyes-Rodriguez - Vocals
Isaac Ruiz - Bass
Tommy English - Guitar
Noah Rangel - Drums

Additional vocals by Brandon Staley, Simon Monette, & Headstone
Additional guitars by David Reyes-Rodriguez & Simon Monette
Additional percussion by Isaac Ruiz & Tommy English

Thanks to Simon Monette, David "Mur" Muro Jr, Thomas Travers, the order of the cactus, speed snake posse, Nick Bianco, Kathleen Kelly, all of our collective families, King Bloom <3, Modern Color, Dare, Turn It Around, Old Notes, Andy's Room, Momentum, Household, Frontside, Dead Lakes, Spirited Away, Prop 215, The Che Café, Programme Skate & Sound, and The Industry (RIP)



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Headstone San Diego, California

San Diego Punk

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Track Name: Remission
staring contest, the reflection always wins
but my sight is the prize, so I give up my eyes
at least this way the loss comes easy when I decide to try again

break in my new vision
because I can never see what's wrong with me
its just this ever looming feeling
that what I do is never the right move
constant missteps in the process of finding an end

go and reach a hand into my dreams
see if you believe that this is what I have inside of my head
I'll try and pretend that my fears mean nothing to me

I'm waiting
for remission
Track Name: Topsoil
your eyes were my green light
and I couldn't stop moving if I tried
dragging feet to hold you closer in my mind
topsoil burial swallows my sky

open up again, opened up again

there's no blame that could be placed
not on you, not on me
hoping for separate things
tangled up in you
I feel safe but I'm left hanging
no change in what we see
but neither of us will cut me free

I didn't ask to be something you'll never forget

spare me of your ache
apologies at my wake
I've been searching for nothing

its like I am the bones inside your feet
the farther you walk the more ache
but attached to you must stay
so excuse my intentions and what I wish to be
because no matter the good I think it'd do
its not good enough for you
and I'm not good enough for me

I don't blame you
how'd I expect to be of worth to someone else
when I can barely find worth in my self?
Track Name: Sovereign Spirit
Black rose, are you lonely?
step out of their shadow
and walk into life with me

Icons of power exist to validate peasantry
Forcing their hands to keep our heads low

But I carry on, eyes to the sun
life is the meaning, truth is a feeling
do you feel anything?

push us to the wall, we'll fight back with understanding
you'll see your worth when you're put in your place
this is judgements face

"To every tyrant, I declare this faith unbound
my spirit's sovereign, I kneel no longer to the crown"

now your head is in the ground
Track Name: Nurture
"You are all the actor. Marvelously skilled in playing many parts, and in getting lost in the mazes of your own mind, and the entanglements of your own affairs as if this were the most urgent thing going. But behind the scenes, in the green room, you might say in the very back of your mind, in the very depths of your soul, you always have a very tiny sneaking suspicion that you might not be the you that you think you are." - Alan Watts

Pulling strings,
your blueprints drawn outside the lines of reality
we are only actors in a dream.

wake up

end scene
Track Name: Nature
I've come clean with my reflection
I'm responsible for divesting you of my true self

The selfless nature of the world alone
we flow as one, light streams from eye to "I" to I
if "I" could take back ever feeling that
we are not the same
I'd be free of these chains engrained in me
Track Name: Cotton
Unwind my cotton bind, you're off again
too far to see I'm subsiding
content with nothing, ebb and flow you've shown me
too far to see I'm subsiding

Call out again to weave us close
just as fast, you've grown morose

Unwind me